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Always the Hard Way Notebook

Always the Hard Way Notebook

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Inspired by his time spent in and ongoing fascination with the wild of the American Southwest, this is one of the few pieces of analog technology Ghost keeps in his daily arsenal! 

Keep this handy pocket sized journal with you in the field, or by your bed or at your desk so you can scribble inspired thoughts, images or just doodle. Sometimes that last thought before slumber is a winner and if you banish blue light from your sleeping quarters like Ghost, well you gotta write it down the old fashioned way!

The easy way is tempting but never satisying ultimately. Embrace the inherent roughness of any worthwhile endeavor and you'll be proud of yourself for a job well done.

50# ruled paper with black thread-sewn lay-flat binding and 2 outside rounded corners.

4″ W x 6″ H
28 Pages
Made in the USA.

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