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Trash Day Hoodie

Trash Day Hoodie

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The FIRST ever Trashbag Ghost screen-printed hoodie exists somewhere in the realm between garment, fever dream and art.

One of the goals here was to not just break but to DESECRATE every design principle I'd ever been told to follow. It's hard to describe just how fun that experience was! My hope is that you'll experience that same emotion when wearing it! Happy and no fricks given about the opinion of others.

Wearing this garment will actually give you an accurate simulation of what it's like to be me on a typical day. All those you encounter while wearing it will look upon you with a mix of extreme attraction, confusion and revulsion, then loop back to attraction!

I went BIG on the design and on the garment. It's a super vintage wash you won't see often that makes this shirt look and feel like it's been your cozy favorite for years and years. Four hits (front/back/both sleeves) and a premium blank wasn't cheap to produce, but I'm keeping this sucker as low as I can for ya while still making a few bucks.

Also lets be honest the hoodie pocket will probably come stuffed with random fun stuff! :)

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